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Vista Grove Mold Removal Services

Mold removal is a very serious problem that gets worse over time if no action is taken. If you suspect any mold damage in your home or other property, call us right away at (404) 947-6768 for a free estimate on mold removal. What can untreated mold do to you and your property? Unfortunately, nothing good comes from a mold infestation! Mold causes considerable health risks and it can induce massive structural damage to your home by corrupting floors, walls, ceilings, and the foundation. Mold is not always easy to detect either. Mold stains can appear black, white, or even brownish, reddish, blue or green. Its texture can be fuzzy or slimy depending on the type of mold it is. Sometimes you can see mold stains on walls or other places, but sometimes it remains hidden away – tucked behind walls and beneath floors. There are some red flags that come with mold damage, though. Some signs you may have a mold problem in your home include physical problems like cold symptoms that won’t go away – itchy eyes and throat, itchy or watery or irritated eyes, coughing, skin rashes, reoccurring headaches, nausea, and vomiting. A weak wall, flooring or foundation may be another sign. These are just a few indicators that mold may be present in your home. StructureMEDIC’s mold removal technicians will not only remove the mold damage from your home – they will also make necessary repairs to your home to keep it from returning. Mold that is not properly removed will show up time and time again. Mold spores travel easily throughout your home and only need warmth, moisture, and a food source to grow and reproduce. Vista Grove mold removal also includes mold inspections so you can be sure that mold doesn’t move to another area of your home. Contact StructureMEDIC today at (404) 947-6768 to discuss your mold removal needs and your mold removal plan.

Vista Grove, Georgia Mold Restoration Process

Mold restoration is a process where we find the source, find out what may have caused the mold to grow, and then fixing it. This is a process that will take a few days to finish. The area must be sprayed down with special cleaners that are specifically made for mold removal. StructureMEDIC will isolate the area to ensure that the clean parts of the home stay clean until the remediation process is over. It is possible for the spores to float off into the air; and to prevent this from happening, air scrubbers/cleaners are used. Sometimes you can save items, others just need to be disposed of if they are hit too harshly. To ensure that the problem will not come back, StructureMEDIC takes air samples one to two weeks afterwards to check. Call the experts at StructureMEDIC at (404) 947-6768 for more information today.

Mold Removal Companies In Vista Grove, Georgia

If you’re asking yourself “So, why should you choose StructureMEDIC when there are several other mold removal companies to choose from out there?” Here are some reasons why our mold removal services stand above the rest: We are available 365 days a year for mold removal services. Not many mold removal companies can say the same. StructureMEDIC offers a variety of Vista Grove mold removal and remediation services which include mold inspections, mold detection, air purification, mold removal - and finding and fixing the source of the mold damage so it does not happen repeatedly. Our mold removal company has an experienced staff with licensed and insured mold removal professionals. Our mold removal teams also pride themselves on treating every customer with the utmost respect. No customer is treated like a second class citizen. Mold spores are literally everywhere – indoors and outdoors- and no one is immune to mold damage. The trick is keeping mold under control and not providing the warm, moist areas they need to thrive in. StructureMEDIC uses all the latest technology and equipment to make sure that the job completed right the first time. This is great news for those needing immediate mold damage removal. If you are selling your home, remodeling, or just looking to get rid of a potentially serious health hazard, the mold must go! Remember, mold contains irritants that can affect your family, your pets, and the structure of your home. Don’t allow mold to take over your life. Also remember the signs – cold symptoms, mold stains, and even a musty smell in the area. These can literally save your life if mold is a big problem or if mold is toxic. Contact us today at (404) 947-6768 for a free estimate! We service all of Vista Grove and its surrounding areas!

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“Thank you StructureMEDIC for your amazing service! When our hot water tank went out, they arrived quickly after our call to them. They stayed into the wee hours of the morning trying to get all of the water and ruined carpet out of our basement/media room. They made repeated visits until all of the moisture was out of our basement. They worked with our insurance and it was a very easy process. VERY VERY PLEASED!”

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